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All Photographs are taken with the finest Gyroscopically-stabilized photographic equipment available.

Why Medium Format is best for Aerial photography:

Medium Format provides a negative nearly 5 times the size of a 35 mm. The use of our Kenyon Labs KS-6 Gyroscopic Stabilizer keeps the camera rock-steady, even on "bumpy" days, enabling us to use slower films and shutter speeds. This results in an image that is saturated with color, contrast and detail. This also means that the photos can be enlarged to enormous proportions with no "blur" effect, visible grain, or loss of resolution. When enlarged to 40" x 50", you can easily identify individual faces on the ground!

Each image is carefully touched-up and enhanced using Photoshop 8.0 CS. Once you view your prints, we can crop and enlarge exactly what you want. "Custom" is the keyword here.

The negatives can then be scanned in our Nikon LS-8000, digitized, and saved to CD in your choice of TIFF, JPEG and other formats.
Digital resolutions of up to 4,600 dpi are available.

Once digitized, insertions of text and image enhancement or alterations can be done. Large prints can be produced from high-resolution digital imagery. In Photoshop 8.0, custom cropping, color enhancement, property line definition and haze-reduction can be applied. In addition, the images can be converted to JPEG (lower resolution) for use in email, Power-Point and web site applications.

Production Quality Aerial Video is available in the following cameras and formats:

-5 axis gyroscopically stabilized FSI Ultramedia II professional video camera
- Sony BVP-570 2/3" 3CCD dig cam
- Format: 4:3 or 16:9 switchable
- Fujinon A36x10.5 +2 lens
A variety of special mounts and video systems are available. All video work is done from a high-performance MD-500 helicopter.

Custom Aerial Photography is also partnering with an international network of professional aerial photographers. If you need aerials taken in a state out of our coverage area, just contact us, and we'll get your job taken care of!

At Custom Aerial Photography, your complete satisfaction is our first and only priority!

Tyler Middle Mount

Gyron Nose Mount
(Head On)

AE GSM Mount

FSI Nose Mount

Equipment Photos Courtesy of:
©2004 Bussmann Aviation. Used with permission.
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