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There are so many variables involved that we cannot post a 'single price' for aerial photo assignments / missions.

Your cost will depend on the sites' location, (flight time to and from,) the type of camera used (35 mm or Medium Format,) road time to locate the property for positive I.D. from the air, and / or office time spent locating the site(s) via available satellite imagery. Another factor is the number, size, and type of prints and / or digitization, and your intended use of the images*.

Custom and stock images are available in sizes ranging from 8 x 10 to 24 x 30 inches and higher. All photos are individually proofed, color-corrected, printed on Premium Kodak papers using archival quality inks. At your convenience, we can either meet with you so you can view examples of our work, or email you reduced file size samples, and discuss the available options.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the images on this site have been digitally compressed for quick loading. As a result their quality has been tremendously reduced.
All photography is 100% guaranteed. Your total satisfaction is of paramount importance to us!

*Copyright and negatives remain the property of Custom Aerial Photography.

Use of photos in brochures, magazines, postcards, reproduction or publication of any kind will be subject to a usage fee. Fee will depend on quantity and size of order. Copyright and negatives can be purchased.

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