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Here is what our customers have to say:

Steve took aerial photographs of our award-winning planned community of St. Charles recently. I met Steve last year after searching for a reputable, reliable aerial photographer and hit the jackpot. This is the second time Steve has gone up to take our photographs and the finished product has been exceptional both times. The photographs were exactly the locations we had desired and they were crisp, clear pictures. He took numerous views from different directions which allowed us lots of choices to select from for each of our needs. We use these photographs for a historical account of the growth of our community but more importantly for sales and marketing. Steve's professional and courteous personality is a breath of fresh air. His prompt responsiveness is what initially drew us to hire him and his commitment to deliver a top-quality product is his #1 calling card.

Stephanie Bylan
Director Commercial Land Sales
St. Charles Community, LLC/ACPT
301-870-5487 (FAX)


October 24, 2006

Steve Dennis recently took aerial photographs of one of my real estate listings - a $4,750,000 waterfront estate on 16 acres on the Chesapeake Bay. From my initial contact with Custom Aerial Photo through its web site, I have been very impressed by Steve -- his professionalism, responsiveness, courtesy and commitment to providing exceptional results.

His web site, promotional materials and agreements are very well done and helpful to the customer in understanding the entire process. I even learned a little about aviation in general. He also passed along some good marketing tips including information about local airports to include in my brochures. I'm sorry I was not available to fly with him during the photo session, but plan to do so with another listing.

The finished photos were excellent. We had a lot of views from which to select the most appropriate for our needs. We already have used the aerial photo for print ads, direct mail cards, feature articles and promotional brochures. Everyone who receives one compliments us on the photo. I highly recommend his services, especially to Realtors.

Marcia Burgoon
Coldwell Banker Waterman Realty
Chester, Maryland
410-643-5005 x 126


This has to be a first!

I was hired to capture aerial views of a marriage proposal!

This assignment involved flying to the client's parent's home on the Eastern Shore (using a helicopter) to capture images of him proposing to his girlfriend. The two (he and his fiancé,) would be flying-in from the West Coast for a vacation.

On the day of the proposal, (07 September,) I was to place a cell-phone call to him while only a few minutes out to let him know I was en-route. This cell call notice would give him time to get his (soon to be) fiancé out the back door and down his long pier where he intended to "pop the question."

When we arrived, I took panoramic and close-up images of the property, house and the two of them walking to the pier using the Medium Format camera with gyro.

When it became obvious that he was proposing, we came in close, (hovering,) and I got super-close-up images of the two hugging and smiling as he put the ring on her finger. (I used the gyro-stabilized 35 mm with a 70~300 mm zoom lens to capture these images.)

She said "yes!" and I got some great images! (Sorry, due to the personal nature of the imagery, I can't post them.) But I think his email comments say a lot:

This was his response upon seeing a few of the digitized 35 mm images that I emailed him:

They look incredible! Wow.

Did you get any higher-up shots by any chance to provide distance/setting?

11 September 2006


Then, when he had received all of his proofs he had this to say:


Hi Steve,

Yes - we got the photos and we love them. Everyone who has seen them has let their jaws hit the floor. My fiancé and I have been super busy lately; so we haven't had a chance to choose the photo(s) that we'd like to have enlarged. Stay tuned for that...

05 October 2006


Here is his actual testimonial:

She did say 'yes', and Steve Dennis went out of his way - very, very far out of his way - to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Imagine how difficult is was to coordinate this feat given (1) it was to be a surprise (which necessitated numerous secret phone calls), (2) my then-girlfriend, now-wife and I live in Seattle and were only in Maryland for five days, (3) four of those five days saw foul weather, some of it record-breaking in its intensity, (4) the property where I planned the proposal was two hours away from where we were staying, and (5) one hour before the planned event, we still hadn't started the two hour journey to that property.

Steve took each of these challenges in stride, all the while remaining flexible and willing to accommodate. In fact, my enthusiasm for this undertaking had clearly infected Steve; judging by his excitement level, it seemed that he was the happy groom-to-be!

Anyhow, when Steve made that last planned secret phone call (from the helicopter) before the appointed hour, he took the news that we were running 1-2 hours late without flinching. He thought for a minute and said, "Well, looks like I better quickly alert Homeland Security of our changed flight plan." No big deal for Steve - 'get it done' was his approach.

And the pictures! They're crystal-clear, steady-of-hand, and perfectly lit. It's amazing how the finest features can be seen close-up while, at the same time, the background landscape is sharp and expansive. The only shortcoming: it took photos from a helicopter to reveal to me that, yes, the hair is thinning up-top where the mirror's reflection doesn't reach. But, she still said 'yes'!

Brant Fulton
Seattle, WA
December, 2006


Dear Steve,

I can't thank you enough for the great aerial photos of my South River waterfront listing ~ and many thanks for "going the extra mile" to find a much clearer day than the first, and shooting them all over again (at no additional cost)!! I already have your website in my "Favorites" on the computer, and will happily refer friends, family, and clients your way. Have a great year.......Cheers!

Kim Pell ~ Champion Realty, Inc.
16 October 2006


"The University of Maryland contracted with Custom Aerial Photo to have shots taken of our soccer stadium during the NCAA Tournament. We had little time to get the photos done and the shots were to be taken in a Flight Restricted Zone. Despite tough deadlines and even tougher roadblocks, Custom Aerial Photo handled our needs in a professional and positive manner. We enjoy working with businesses than can make things happen despite obstacles, and Steve Dennis and Custom Aerial Photo certainly fit that description. We were especially appreciative of the fact that the game was not in anyway disturbed by the Jet-Powered MD-500 Helicopter that was used to capture the photos. The photos were stunning and will help Maryland in recruiting and with all our publications. We certainly will be contacting Custom Aerial Photo for this type of need in the future."

Doug Dull
Associate A.D. - Media Relations


"We needed emergency aerials to resolve a variance / abatement issue with one of our clients. Steve got the photos taken the next day, after driving to the 3 locations first. Further, the enlargement order was expeditiously processed and, in order to meet our deadline, he personally delivered the order the morning of the meeting. The images are high resolution and of excellent quality."

Mary Louise Sanders, IGC Co. LP
Waldorf, MD


"We needed aerials of an apartment complex located within a quarter mile of the Flight Restricted Zone in DC airspace. Pilotphoto was able to get in there and get the job done. The image quality is excellent, and they got the enlargement order to us overnight to meet the meeting deadline."

M. Baker, Johnson Capital Ventures, LLC


"I hired Steve to do an aerial photo of my house. The one he gave me was great. But Steve wasn't happy due to slight haze. He said he'd re shoot the house for me on a better day. A few weeks later he did, and the difference is incredible."

Ms. T. Schulte
Mayo, MD.


" I needed photos for a land development issue fast. Steve got it done in a helicopter the same day. The resolution of his photos is really sharp, and got the detail I needed to get my variances and building permit."

Chas Thompson
Edgewater, MD


"I wanted some up dated aerials of my farm. Steve put me on his waiting list to get the best weather. I paid him for the flight time up-front, and Steve delivered! He flew my farm twice to get the angles I needed. I have never seen such high resolution photography before. This is far better than the others ones I bought years ago. "

Bruce Bowen
Edgewater, MD


"I purchased the seasonal package, paid it all up-front, and have yet to be disappointed. Steve re-shoots until he's happy with the results."

Richard Jones
Harwood, MD


"We are delighted with the superb aerial photos of our house throughout the seasons. We especially enjoy the view of the Bay in the distance."

Linda and Al Garroway
Davidsonville, MD


" I bought into the seasonal package. I was put on his stand-by list waiting for the perfect weather. All the shots he has taken are great. The fall pictures are especially awesome. "

Dana Winter
Deale, MD.


"Dear Mr. Dennis,
We are really happy with the 8 x 10's and the new 16 x 20. Many thanks,"

Bill and Sophia Quigley
Joppa, MD.


" I hired Custom Aerial Photo to photograph a friend's house on the water. Even though I thought the photos that pilotphoto took were fine, Steve insisted he could do better and re-flew for me again. As promised, he did better! And just in time for my friend's birthday. Nice work! "

S. Petty
Mayo, MD


RE: Photo Order II:
Everything looks fantastic! Thanks very much for doing this... I know that we are going to want some additional work performed in the future, and I have already given out your name to a few people.
Thanks so much for seeing this through, talk to you later!

N. Sharp 10 February 2006


Hi Steve,
Received the pictures and they were GREAT. You got so many nice ones that we can't decide which to enlarge.

C. Marson 20 December 2005

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